'A powerful story...A beautiful and moving production ...A stunning piece'

Professor Marie Redmond, TCD | Chair of Darklight festival

'I loved The Lost Hours...Haunting and beautiful'

Brian Finnegan | Editor | GCN Magazine

'This tender and moving production looks at wilful silence and its impact on truth'

Emma Hannon | Programme Manager | Dublin Fringe Festival


Fifty years ago, a young man was the final victim in an infamous series of horrific murders, yet of all the victims, his is the only story surrounded by silence. Why?

The Lost Hours is dance-meets-theatre-meets documentary. An elegy for a lost boy; this performance is a fiction that may just tell the truth; a poetic response to real events - featuring dance, text, video, audio of actual interviews, and reinterpretations of historically and thematically appropriate music from the period [1963-'65].

Choreographer/director: Maurice Kelliher
Performers: Carol Anne McGowan, Jessie Doyle, Olwen Grindley
Music performed & produced by: Carol Anne McGowan
Sound design / video design: Maurice Kelliher
Production Manager / co-producer: Shaun O’Boyle
Costumes: Sinead Lawlor
Photography: Shaun O’Boyle, Moira Reilly

Performed at The Lir, Dublin (IRL) | As part of Dublin Fringe Festival 2014

In-kind support from Science Gallery and Dance Ireland