An as yet unnamed trilogy of lens-based works began with Hysteria - which looked at ideas and imagery around trauma.
Part two, which is currently in development, will respond to the history of state-sanctioned "cures" for homosexual feelings and desire in 20th Century Britain—which continued well past the partial decriminalisation of homosexuality 50 years ago. Arrests actually increased during this period, and "curing" queerness was often offered to "criminals" as an alternative to a prison term. In development and supported by Arts Council of Ireland's Artist in the Community Scheme managed by Create, the national development agency for collaborative arts.

'We Call It Paradise'

A new festival of short film and dance/performance for the camera. (In development)

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After it's three-month run at Science Gallery, 'Hysteria' was programmed as part of São Carlos Videodance Festival in August 2016; and in September 2016 it was programmed as part of PROBE festival at Trinity College Dublin, where it was specially screened outdoors; projected onto the stunning 1935 Reading Room.

From August-October 2017 it was installed at Centro Universitário Maria Antonia—a multidisciplinary contemporary arts space in central São Paulo, housed in historic buildings at USP, Brazil.

In November Hysteria was named Official Selection for Tirana International Film Festival, Albania. In 2018 it will be screened on Albanian TV as part of TIFF TV.



Funded by a Dance on the Radio Award - supported by Arts Council England. Dance on the Radio is produced and curated by Claire Hicks and Laura Sweeney. 

In Lost Broadcasts, the ghost of a dancer haunts a vacant MW radio frequency.

After responding to a call for proposals which tackle the provocative question—'what could dance on the radio be?'—Maurice's response, 'Lost Broadcasts', won a Dance on the Radio award. A preliminary audio experiment was the first outcome of the Lost Broadcasts process—Phase II coming up...

Dance on the Radio is curated and produced by Claire Hicks and Laura Sweeney.