'A multidimensional masterpiece. It is the jewel of the TRAUMA exhibition'
Andrea Bandelli | CEO Science Gallery International, on 'Hysteria'

'Maurice Kelliher knows exactly what to do to create a space of intense atmosphere - revealing what it means to be human. I deeply support his vision'
Kirsten Dehlholm | Artistic director | Hotel Pro Forma, Denmark

'A work which many of our visitors reported as being the most compelling experience of the exhibition'
Lynn Scarff | Director | Science Gallery Dublin, on 'Hysteria'

'A stunning piece'
Professor Marie Redmond, TCD | Chair of Darklight festival, on 'The Lost Hours'

'An extraordinary maker within our cultural terrain...expect clarity and atmospheric beauty from his work'
Lynnette Moran | Producer/artistic director at Live Collision International Festival

'An intriguing, groundbreaking, and provocative artist - whose practice consistently defies definition'
Dee Roycroft | Curator/producer at Project Brand New

'A fascinating artist who fuses theatre and dance to tackle complex issues with a unique aesthetic - which is elegant and moving'
RĂ³ise Goan | Director | Dublin Fringe Festival

'Haunting and beautiful...I loved it'
Brian Finnegan | Editor at GCN Magazine, on 'The Lost Hours'

'A tender and moving production which explores wilful silence and its impact on truth'
Emma Hannon | Programme Manager | Dublin Fringe Festival, on 'The Lost Hours'